The girl steps lightly through the forest. She was bare-footed and alone. The damp grass felt soft and under her feet. The girl always used to visit this forest back when she was just a child. The nostalgic memories haunted her.

The evening was young; it was before the sun had even set. The already cold temperature was rapidly dropping. But it never bothered the girl.  All around, a thick, grey haze surrounded the woods, like a scarf. A faint, sad melody of a dove could be heard above in the branches. The girl sighed, continuing to reminisce over her childhood. Oh, how she wished she could go back.

She remembered how she would play games with herself alone out here. All those memories of her chasing around all the animals, daydreaming and watching the clouds so blissfully. She remembered from her teenage years, having her first kiss in these woods.  She had such a bright future before.

The claws of Death had to rip it from her. Here, her spirit was tied to these woods. She was eternally trapped and unable to leave. It was all so sudden.

She could remember every detail of her death. She was out by the stream, alone. The rain was thick, drenching you in a mere minute. But she loved the rain and that feeling of the cold water in her mop of long hair. She needed her space on that day anyway. She was sitting by the edge, plucking the pink petals off a flower, and dropping them into the stream. She sat there for a decent seven minutes.

Usually, the girl wasn’t endangered by anything in the forest. She always made extra precautions not to stumble into any danger, such as when she saw a bear, she would try to get as far from it as possible. She was lucky not to have faced these dangerous possibilities. But today, her luck was not on her side. A pack of hungry wolves had discovered her trail, and when they found her, she had no choice but to dive into the river-like stream, or face the wolves. She chose to dive, but she hit her head in the shallow waters below. She didn’t remember anything after, but it was a fact that she drowned. She knew this when she found herself unscathed and dry on the same edge of the stream she dived off.

The girl had no sense of how much time had passed after her death. She knew it had been a long time. Though she liked being alone back when she was still living, she didn’t now as a ghost. She sat down below an old tree, and continued her daydreaming of the good times, wishing for those times to come back, but knowing the past will never come again.