I sail away

All alone

Gone from those waves

That almost ruined my boat

 I thought I would never be free

From the storm that crashed

Like a cymbal out there, above the sea

The thunder and lightning had whip-lashed

Filled with red hot anger and frustration, I faced it head-on

My boat swayed violently side to side

Several times my balance was lost

Meanwhile, inside trouble was brewing

The boards were cracking

And the water started spewing

The art of keeping afloat, this ship was lacking

But I had a way to mend this problem

I covered the holes with bright colored tarp

From top to bottom

Up and around, strung like a harp

It was neatly aligned

And carefully pinned to withstand gallons

It stretched across my ship’s spine

It helped until out came the sun

The clouds had parted, and the storm had passed

I didn’t have to worry for now

But I knew that this war of sky and sea wasn’t over, and that this raging battle would eternally last.