This poem was supposed to be posted to go with my short story, “The Forest” but I never got around to it. I found it again in my notebook,  and decided I might as well post it anyways, even without there being a short story to go with it. Enjoy.

A contour of a melody just passed through my ear

Soft and alluring, creeping through the door

It brings me back to the times I’ve adored

Away from the present, which I fear

Closer and closer, the music plays

My curiosity sparks and I go forward

I want to go back to the good days

The want is frequently played through my mind

It’s become almost a need

And now I realize

After listening to this tune 

I know I should go soon

I can’t stand the wait

I don’t want anymore of this self-hate

Just please,  let me go back

It is only one simple thing I ask

This time,  I promise not to let myself down

I will not mess it up this time

Let me go back,  and fix my mistake

Maybe this time, it won’t be too late.