About this site:

This is a blog mainly focused on my creative writing and poetry. There may also be a few random posts about music, but those will be rare. Feel free to follow me for daily (or if not that, then weekly) poems and other writings by me.

note: all photos posted on this site all belong to their owners, no copyright infringement intended.

About the author:

I am a homeschooled girl with large interests in reading, writing, music, cooking, drawing (mostly zen-tangle), and scenic photography. I also love the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time, any books by Shannon Messenger, Lord of the Rings, and the French language. I am aspiring to be a professional writer (or more specifically, an author), and perhaps even get famous by it. I am best friends with the author of this blog: https://thecareandkeepingofanamericanteenager.wordpress.com/

She and I both started our blogs at around the same time and we’ve been blogging together ever since.