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"Thoughts are but dreams 'till their effects are tried." ~William Shakespeare


I have no idea what I was doing with this poem. It was kind of inspired off an abstract drawing I made. 

It’s growing in my head

But I push it aside like it’s dead

It keeps nagging and piling up

I can’t tell if it’s good or bad

Until it’s too strong to ignore

And it’s too late to get rid of

By then there isn’t​ much to do

 Except wait until it finally goes

But it can always come back like a recurring fungus.


Music Suggestions – Day 10

I’m alive, don’t worry, I’ve just had a long writer’s block.  I’m going back to posting poems and music now.


Through clouds I have soared

Going higher up for something more

I searched for stars and found none

I crash into reality

Out of the fog

I should’ve worked harder

For what I have longed

Scattered remnants

Lost and adrift in the wind

Faded memories that I stretch to catch

But time’s run out

It’s all in the past

So here I sit

With nothing in grasp

Still trying to cling tightly to whatever will last.

Roller Coaster

Up and down

Levels high and low

Sometimes I wish to end this show

Always gliding fast

I don’t know how long this feeling will last

Whooshing away

All the way down

Then up again, and round and round

There’s a pause, then it drops to the ground

It finally lurches to a stop

I’m safe and sound.

Music Suggestions – Day 9


A labyrinth that only ends with death

A spool of time ready to be cut

A game called life, ready to be played

It is true you only live once

You cannot waste

The piece of Time which you have

Because in a snap, he’ll roll the dice

And out flying

Could go another life

Be careful which cards you choose

You may find yourself to lose

Watch your step, across the game board

Time may rip you from the hands of this world

So go, be free

Take things slow

Who knows how much Time you have before you go?

Fire V.S. Ice

Fire, burning and alive

Ice, freezing and still

Both two opposites

But what if they meet?

Would ice be the one that is beat?

Or would fire be the one to lose its heat?

There’d have to be a victor some point or another

This paradox has to be fixed

Will somebody tell me how to do this?

It’ll drive me crazy trying to answer

Unless, maybe they cancel out eachother

Yes, I’ve done it, I think I know now

Perhaps if the elements were to battle

I’m sure the earth wouldn’t rattle

If they cancel eachother out

That could mean only one thing

The temperature would stay normal

The fire and ice would be settled

Tucked away and safe

A storm held at bay.

Frozen Knitting

Look at what the sky dragged in today

Trees of glass have come, and I hope their branches stay at bay

Icicles trail down, so vast

I wonder if this will last

“Look at the bushes!” They all say

But I’ve already seen their leaves glazed and encased

The ice is like a crystal

Down the road, this car drives

It’s slick as oil

And we must strive

Up above, the power lines

Dangling ice set all aligned

The weather has knit lace throughout the city

Cold and wet, but still very pretty.

Winter Born

I’d like to dedicate this poem to my mom, because it’s her birthday today.

In the snow that’s pure white

It’s the winter child

She was born in ice

She stands with serenity

And her hair is wild

There’s a smile of amenity

As she walks through the winter

She is not bothered by the cold

Even though the wind is quite bitter

Her warm heart is what makes her this bold

Happy birthday to you

I hope this poem is gold.

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